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environmental Consultants at UnyseUNYSE has been serving the Western New York area our specialized environmental support and remediation services to residential, commercial and industrial clients of all sizes. Our skilled team of environmental consultants provide expertise in lead, asbestos, mold and hazardous material handling.

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Learn More About Our Services   

About Our Environmental Consulting Team

Our specialized staff make sure projects are completed quickly, quietly and in complete compliance with Federal, State and local mandates and ordinances. Comprised of certified professionals, our environmental consults will work to maintain ongoing services and consulting relationships. 

Our connections include state agencies, local governments, manufacturing firms and other building operators. This allows us to assist you beyond initial hazard testing to risk assessment plans, remediation actions and final clearance examinations.

These services include:

  • Inspections and analysis
  • Remediation and abatement
  • Plan development
  • Project management
  • And more on-site services

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