Certified Lead Testing Services

Available in New York City

lead testing nycLead can be present in various materials, including paint, dust, water, pipes, and more, causing potential health concerns such as lead poisoning, high blood pressure, kidney problems and more.

When you suspect lead is present in your building or facility, it’s essential to find a trusted team in the area to complete thorough lead testing. Know what substances are present so you can remediate the situation safely.

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About Our Lead Testing

At UNYSE, we have a specialized team that is experienced in lead inspection and handling lead hazards. This includes:

  • Lead inspection
  • Risk assessments
  • Water Sampling
  • Project Clearance
  • Lead abatement

This makes us skilled in lead hazards and familiarizes us with the rules and regulations available in the area.

We utilize several tools to obtain thorough results for our lead testing process. We use X-ray fluorescence (XRF) to test for lead paint. We also use atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS) to test for lead in soil and use inductively coupled plasma (ICP) to help detect low concentrations of lead in things like drinking water.


While sometimes you may be interested in lead analysis, it is required at certain times. You will likely require lead testing if you have:

  • An older building
  • A high level of lead in the water
  • Soil contamination
  • Seeing health concerns
  • A child-occupied facility

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