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mold abatement imageAfter a thorough mold analysis has revealed the presence of the substance, it’s essential to find a team you can rely on to complete the abatement process. There are several companies to choose from in New York City, but UNYSE can aid you from all stages of the cleanup all the way to the final clearance examination.

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UNYSE and Your Mold Abatement Project

At UNYSE, our team will work to complete your mold remediation plan, providing the necessary information for successful mold abatement. With information about the work area, required personal protection, recommended remediation methods and outlined post-remediation assessments, we’ll be able to complete all applicable area regulations.

UNYSE can prepare the mold remediation plan, work with the contractor to complete remediation and complete the post-remediation assessment. This will allow us to walk you through all of the steps of mold remediation.

Steps to Mold Remediation

  1. Identify mold source
  2. Hire mold assessor
  3. Contain the area
  4. Remove water source
  5. Clean and disinfect
  6. Dry out the area
  7. HEPA vacuuming
  8. Final Inspection
  9. Restoration
  10. Documentation

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