Mold Remediation Plans

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When mold is suspected or discovered in New Yorkandy reviewing blueprints to create mold remediation plan State, certain steps must be taken in order to meet the different laws and regulations in place. Among these steps is the creation and employment of a mold remediation plan. This will then be the guide to completing the mold cleanup and preventing more mold growth in the future.

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About Our Remediation Plan Creation

Our team of certified environmental consultants will prepare a mold remediation plan for a contractor to use during a mold abatement and remediation project. The plan will identify the source of moisture causing mold growth, the method to remedy the moisture issue and mold cleanup, and the criteria that must be met to consider the remediation and cleanup complete.

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At UNYSE, our team of environmental consultants are qualified to handle mold abatement projects from start to finish. To do this, we offer:

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