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City of Rochester

city of rochester environmental testing and remediation

UNYSE has provided lead hazard evaluation services for the City's housing rehabilitation programs, including properties enrolled in the City's "Lead Hazard Control Demonstration Program" that is funded through the US HUD Office of Healthy Homes & Lead Hazard Control.

  • UNYSE is on call to provide a combined lead-based paint inspection/risk assessment in income eligible dwelling units
  • All windows in each are tested. This includes windows in living areas, basement, common areas and attic spaces.
  • Lead hazard evaluation services are carried out according to requirements established by EPA at 40 CFR 745.227
  • A report detailing the results of the evaluation and recommendations for hazard control is prepared for each dwelling unit
  • Report is the basis for lead hazard control by EPA certified contractors

UNYSE has completed approximately 200 evaluations since 2016


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