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If you’ve found dangerous materials in your building or around your property in New York City, you may require environmental remediation. To ensure that your building is safe for those who frequent it, it’s essential to find a team you trust that is professionally licensed and familiar with the local regulations. By the end of your environmental abatement work, know that your building is safe, free from hazards and will pass all applicable regulations.

For help with your environmental remediation, call UNYSE. With decades of experience handling hazardous materials, you be sure that our work is completed per the Right-to-Know Act, OSHA Hazard Communication Rules, EPA SARA Title III and all other applicable state and federal regulations.

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About Your Environmental Remediation Project with UNYSE

The environmental remediation process is closely regulated due to its hazardous and potentially dangerous nature. Certain knowledge and steps are required to meet requirements. In New York State, the Department of Environmental Conservation regulates the clean-up carefully.

To meet the code, your abatement project may require the removal of hazardous waste, the construction of a secure landfill on site and the proper replacement of the waste. Depending on the site, you may also be required to treat contaminated soil or groundwater. These requirements vary by site and will be indicated in a plan created before the start of the remediation project.

You may also require several other related steps to complete the environmental abatement project up to code. This includes testing, hazard plan creation, and a clearance examination. UNYSE is also qualified to help you with these steps.

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