Reliable Environmental Sampling

Available in New York City

hazmat environmental samplingIf you’re about to undergo a process of renovation, destruction or any construction and suspect hazardous materials are present, find a company to complete the required environmental sampling. For the most thorough and reliable environmental sampling in New York City, trust UNYSE.


About Our Environmental Sampling Process

While our team of contractors is on-site, we will take environmental samples from the air, surface and more, resulting in a thorough examination.  PCBs, radon, soil and metal contamination sampling during building assessments, renovations and demolitions with area regulations in mind.

Properly completed environmental sampling must meet many regulations and recommendations from several ruling bodies. Due to the importance of meeting these regulations, finding a team familiar with them, like UNYSE, is important.

Important Organizations:

  • EPA
  • OSHA
  • American Industrial Hygiene Association

After Your Environmental Testing

Once your environmental sampling has been completed, we have other services available that you may need to remediate any found hazards. These services may include:

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