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environmental samplingIt’s essential that you know your facility and grounds are safe. Do you suspect that there are hazardous materials present in your space? Know for sure with environmental sampling and hazardous material testing available in Manhattan.

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About Our Environmental Sampling Process

With many different regulations and recommendations from various ruling bodies, it’s important to find a team of contractors familiar with them so they can test your space correctly. Our professionals know where hazardous substances can lurk and how to properly test these areas, finding accurate results.

For this, several different organizations have laws, requirements and regulations to be followed.

Ruling Bodies Including:
  • OSHA
  • EPA
  • American Industrial Hygiene Associate

Considering these groups' recommendations, UNYSE regularly conducts PCBs, radon, soil and metal contamination sampling during building assessments, renovations and demolitions. While our team is on-site, we will take environmental samples from the air, surface and more.

Once completed, we have other services available that you may need to remediate any found hazards.

Services to pair with your hazardous material sampling:

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