Lead Analysis Services

Available in Manhattan, NY

Our team of skilled environmental consultantslab tech completing lead testing at UNYSE are specialized in providing lead testing and analysis services in Manhattan. Serving customers both large and small, we are qualified on meeting the strictest requirements in lead remediation and lead paint handling.

Our Leading Testing & Analysis Process

For our leading testing, we utilize x-ray fluorescence (XRF) as it is the most efficient method for testing lead paint. We also use atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS), as it offers the most accurate results in testing for the presence of lead in soil and wipe and low concentrations in paint. Additionally, we incorporate inductively coupled plasma (ICP), which has greater speed, precision and sensitivity in testing, which is used for detecting low concentrations of lead in things like drinking water.

As part of our lead analysis services, UNYSE specializes in lead inspection, risk assessment, clearance inspections and water sampling.

Not only  that, but UNYSE also offers several benefits in our lead testing process.

UNYSE’s Lead Testing Benefits:

  • Guaranteed efficient turnaround time
  • Emergency analysis in specific instances
  • Notification email or call when results are in
  • Sample pick-up
  • Available consulting services
  • Other lead services to help you with your lead abatement or remediation

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