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When a child has been diagnosed with an elevatedlead abatement in process, scrapping lead paint for removal blood level (EBL), lead abatement is required. It’s also required whenever Federal Housing Assistance exceeds certain amounts and when the goal of lead hazard control is to eliminate lead-based paint (LBP) or lead hazards permanently.

After a lead test has been recently completed in your home, was lead found in the paint, pipes, dust or elsewhere? Ensure you have a lead remediation process completed in your home, and don't wait.

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Proper Lead Remediation Process

When you require lead abatement, you must find a team of remediation contractors to safely handle the job and complete it to the required qualifications.

Proper lead abatement has certain requirements to be considered properly done. All lead hazard control must be accompanied by work area containment, controls and specialized clean-up followed by a thorough clearance examination by UNYSE.

Interim controls are used to reduce LBP or lead hazards temporarily and lead-safe work practices must be used during renovation, repair and/or painting (RRP) in housing built before 1978 where children live or could live and in child-occupied facilities, like kindergartens and daycares. HUD requires LSWP during nearly all activities that disturb LBP in subsidized housing.

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