Our On-Site Lead Services

At UNYSE Environmental Consultants, we offer a complete range of on-site lead services including residential lead-based paint inspections, risk assessments and clearance examinations. We also perform potable water and other sampling activities designed to determine a presence of lead in air, soil, paint, water or waste. Additionally, we are certified to complete lead-in-paint inspections for OSHA compliance in commercial and prior to renovations.

XRF Lead Inspections

We conduct lead inspections using state of the art X-ray fluorescence (XRF) testing technology. Our experienced UNYSE staff utilizes XRF in conjunction with hand-held computers to properly record the location, presence and condition of lead-based paint. Lead inspection reports are then produced consistent with USEPA requirements; including identification of all lead painted surfaces and records of all testing results.

Lead in Potable Water Testing

UNYSE also offers lead in potable water sampling and analysis to homes, schools, BOCES, hospitals and other multi-source facilities. The samples are collected and analyzed per NYS Department of Health Environmental Laboratory Approval Program (ELAP) method and a report is prepared to meet regulatory requirements.

Lead Risk Assessments

Our team of environmental consultants have also completed several hundred lead risk assessments for community development agencies, housing organizations and property owners. Lead risk assessments are designed to identify lead hazards in dust, soil and/or deteriorated paint. Assessments involve an evaluation of property conditions, collection of wipe and soil samples and XRF testing of deteriorated paint and provides a summary of lead hazards and recommendations on controlling these hazards.

Lead Hazard Control Project Design & Monitoring

UNYSE Environmental Consultants work with property owners, government officials, community based organizations and housing agencies to design lead hazard control or abatement projects. We identify the specific practices necessary to comply with Federal and State standards, including USHUD subsidized housing, USEPA abatement and/or OSHA compliance standards.

Once your lead abatement project has been designed, we have the qualifications to oversee the project. Our project monitoring and management entails pre-project coordination between property owner and contractor, on-site oversight of hazard control practices, clearance inspections and final reporting.

Lead Clearance Examinations

Our team provides clearance examination and sampling services at the conclusion of hazard control, renovation, maintenance and abatement. Our experienced staff will complete a thorough visual examination of the work area to ensure that the end sample analysis results in a satisfactory conclusion to the project.

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