Lead Risk Assessments

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When lead is present in a home, in the water, paint or elsewhere, it has the potential to cause great harm to those exposed to it. If you suspect lead to be present in your home, building or facility, it’s essential to get a lead risk assessment completed to have an accurate depiction of the threat present, providing a more detailed investigation than found in a lead analysis.

About Lead Risk Assessments

Lead risk assessments will identify lead hazards present in dust, soil and deteriorated paint. These assessments will also provide an evaluation of property conditions, collection of soil samples and a thorough XRF testing of deteriorated paint. This is then compiled into a summary of all present hazards and recommendations for remediating and controlling them.

What to Do Once You Have a Completed Assessment?

Once your assessment has been completed, you’ll be provided with recommendations to abate the detected lead hazards.

If the lead hazards present are severe enough, you will need to find a certified team to complete lead remediation, which can also be completed by the UNYSE team. Learn more about this additional service.

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