Certified Lead Testing

Available Across New York State

lead testingThe presence of lead in paint and other building materials is known to present potential health concerns. When you suspect lead in your home or facility, you must contact a certified contractor to complete lead testing.

Certified contractors like the team at UNYSE are familiar with the laws and regulations in New York State. With years of experience, our team is the best choice for handling your lead testing.

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About Our Lead Testing Process

Our team specializes in lead inspection, risk assessment, water sampling and project clearance, making us experts in lead hazards. We offer a thorough approach to lead safety and cleanup, helping you from start to finish.

Using X-ray fluorescence (XRF), we can test for lead paint efficiently. We also can determine lead in soil using atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS). We also use inductively coupled plasma (ICP) with greater speed, precision and sensitivity. It’s used for detecting low lead concentrations in things like drinking water.

When You Require Lead Testing

You will likely require lead testing if you have:

  • An older building
  • A high level of lead in the water
  • Soil contamination
  • Seeing health concerns
  • A child-occupied facility

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Contact the UNYSE team today to learn more about our lead testing services available across New York State. We’ll be happy to give you more information and schedule your service.

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