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UNYSE has a team of experiencedman in hazmat suit testing for hazardous materials environmental consultants certified and experienced in handling hazardous materials in the form of performing inspections, creating reports and managing compliance of both federal and state regulations. Additionally, our services will be performed in accordance with Right-To-Know Act, OSHA Hazard Communication Rules, EPA SARA Title III, and any other applicable state and federal regulations.

Environmental Sampling

For our environmental sampling and analysis, we utilize methods recommended by OSHA, NIOSH, EPA, the American Industrial Hygiene Association and other recognized guidelines. Using these methods, we take various types of samples:

  • Air samples
  • Surface samples
  • Bulk samples
  • And more

Once collected, UNYSE’s professionals will inspect the samples for PCBs, radon, soil and metal contamination during building assessments, renovations and demolitions.

Indoor Air Quality Sampling

In addition to environmental sampling, the UNYSE team offers air quality testing and sampling. UNYSE will design and complete IAQ sampling to reflect your specific needs. In doing this, we collect samples of ambient air from inside a building before analyzing it, looking for chemicals that may be affecting human health and safety. This investigative tool is used to characterize the nature and extent of contaminants in air. This will determine whether contaminant sources affect the indoor air quality.

Air and Hazard Management

OSHA has established employee exposure limits for chemical substances and physical agents that may be potential hazards. UNYSE conducts qualitative and quantitative monitoring for chemical substances and physical agents according to established agency or guidelines or requirements.

Health and Safety Plans (HASP)

UNYSE can prepare HASP to meet requirements of OSHA’s Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) Standard. OSHA requires a site-specific safety and health plan for clean-up operations conducted under HAZWOPER.

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