Environmental Sampling

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When hazardous materials are suspected to be present in a building or the area surrounding it, it’s essential to find a company to perform an environmental sampling. With regulations and recommendations from OSHA, NIOSH, EPA, the American Industrial Hygiene Association and other recognized professional bodies, it’s essential to find a team you trust to perform your necessary sampling and analysis.

About Our Environmental Sampling Profess

At UNYSE, we regularly conduct PCBs, radon, UNYSE work truck used during environmental samplingsoil and metals contamination sampling during building assessment, renovations and demolitions. When you’re about to complete any work on a building and are suspect of some materials or hazards, it’s essential to not skip this environmental analysis step.

Types of Samples UNYSE Performs:

  • Air samples
  • Surface samples
  • Bulk samples
  • And more

Once your sampling is completed, we have other services available that you may require, including air and hazard monitoring and the creation of health and safety plans (HASP).

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