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table of mold testing toolsFind thorough mold testing and analysis in New York City with UNYSE Environmental Consultants. Our environmental consultants are qualified to complete mold analysis with swabs, air and settled particulate analysis in fabric, carpet and other media for commercial and residential clients. Stop worrying about unidentified mold in your building or facility; call in the experts to complete your testing.

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About Our Mold Testing Services

Once the mold samples are collected, our lab team will identify the type and concentration of mold along with any other microscopic substances present in the samples. The completed report will show the common units of analysis for spore type and the concentration by total spores and volume. It will also include advice for cleanup and the next necessary steps.

Features of Our Mold Analysis

Sample pick-up, consultation and instantaneous online results are standard services. When working with you, we will notify you by email or phone as soon as your results are available. UNYSE is proud to offer a 24-hour turnaround time on most samples. Drop off or ship your samples today and have results tomorrow.

UNYSE also offers special consideration to “round-the-clock” and emergency analysis.

Network of Laboratories We Use:

What to do After your Mold ANalysis?

Once you complete your mold testing and mold has been detected, there are several steps you can go through, that UNYSE is able to help you through, completing a cleanup procedure entirely up to code for the New York City area. As part of your report, you'll receive recommended cleanup methods based on the type of mold present.

Some of our additional mold-related services include:

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Don't let the mold linger further unchecked in your building or facility. Contact the UNYSE team for more information about our mold analysis and testing services available in New York City. We’ll be happy to provide you with a quote and additional information.

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