Professional Mold Testing

Available in Manhattan

mold testingIf you suspect mold in your home, building or facility, be sure to have it tested by a team of certified professionals to help you determine the danger it poses. If you’re in Manhattan, that go team should be UNYSE.

Our team completes thorough testing with swabs, air and settling particulate analysis in various substances to determine the type and concentration of mold.


About UNYSE’s Mold Testing Process

We prioritize conducting thorough mold testing practices across different fabrics and surfaces and in the air. Once mold samples are collected, our network of labs will identify the mold type and concentration as well as any other microscopic substances present in the sample.

After testing, a report will be compiled to show the spore type and concentration. It will also feature advice for cleanup alongside the next necessary steps.

As part of our mold testing, we offer fast turnarounds, sample pickup and online results. Emergency analysis is also available and offered special consideration. Drop off or ship your samples today and have results tomorrow.

Our Lab Network Includes:


Steps for After Mold Analysis

Once your mold testing is complete, you’ll be ready to continue to the next steps of mold remediation. UNYSE will be able to offer cleanup recommendations fit for the Manhattan area.

Some of our additional mold-related services include:

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