Professional Mold Testing in New York City

Certified for Commercial and Residential Buildings

mold testingWhen you’ve discovered mold in your building, have it tested by the best certified professionals in New York City. The team at UNYSE will complete a thorough mold analysis and identify the type and concentration of mold present.

Stop worrying about unidentified mold in your building; call the experts to complete your mold testing.

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About Our Mold Testing Process

We will complete a thorough mold analysis, collecting samples from various surfaces. Then, our network of trusted labs will identify its mold type and concentration. The completed report will show the common units of analysis for spore type and the concentration by total spores and volume. It will also include advice for cleanup and the next necessary steps.

Our Network of Labs:


As part of our mold testing services, we offer a fast turnaround, sample pickup and online access to results. We even offer emergency analysis in certain circumstances.

Steps for Post-Mold Analysis

Once you’ve confirmed the type and concentration of mold present, you’ll be able to determine your next steps. As part of your report, we recommend the best cleanup methods. Additionally, New York codes may require specific processes.

Other mold-related services we offer in NYC:

  • Mold remediation planning
  • Mold remediation project monitoring
  • Post-remediation assessments
  • Mold abatement
  • And more

Test Your Building for Mold Today

Contact the UNYSE team today to learn more about our mold testing services or to schedule it. Whether you’re a large or small client, we’ll help you maintain a safe environment.

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