Certified Mold Testing

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mold testingDon’t fear the discovery of mold. Instead, get informed. When you discover mold in your space, contact certified professionals to complete a thorough mold testing and analysis. Available anywhere in Western New York, UNYSE offers experienced mold testing.

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About Our Mold Testing Work

After mold samples have been collected, our network of accredited laboratories will be able to safely handle the mold to identify both the types of mold present and the spore concentration. Using a microscopic analysis, you’ll have all of the information you need to safely handle the mold.

The completed reports are so thorough that you’ll have advice for cleanup and the next steps you’ll need to take.

Our Lab Network Includes:


Common Steps Following Mold Testing

Once you’ve completed your mold testing and reviewed the results, you’ll be ready to proceed. Depending on the type, concentration and placement of mold, different remediation methods will be required. Several steps are required in WNY, and UNYSE can help you design a plan.

Some of our additional mold-related services include:

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