Our On-Site Asbestos Services

At UNYSE, we offer a complete range of asbestos testing services offered on-site by our team of environmental consultants. These include asbestos inspections, surveys, variances, specifications, air sampling, monitoring and clearance examinations.

Asbestos Inspections & Surveys

When work is to be performedon a building built before 1980, it’s important to complete a thorough testing and sampling to determine whether any of the substance is present before beginning any project. UNYSE offers initial and tri-annual Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) asbestos inspections and management plans, New York State and US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) pre-demolition and pre-renovation asbestos containing materials surveys.

Asbestos Abatement Project Design

Required when asbestos is detected, abatement projects must be completed to specific standards. We provide NYS DOL asbestos variance application services and works with building owners and agency representatives to design abatement projects that meet the specific needs of the project.

Air Sampling

State and Federal regulations require independent air sampling and monitoring before, during and after most asbestos abatement projects. UNYSE performs this “third party” service on behalf of the owner or facility managers to collect air samples inside and around the asbestos containment and provide analysis reporting to the jobsite. Special consideration is given to “round-the-clock” and emergency testing.

Project Monitoring

Certified UNYSE staff will serve as the on-site representative of the facility owner or property manager during an asbestos abatement project. Project monitors interpret project specifications or abatement plans and monitor contractor or employee compliance with applicable rules, regulations and specifications; a role that is often mandated under NYS DOL regulations. UNYSE project monitors work with the abatement contractor and other site staff to make sure the project runs smoothly and to ensure successful completion of abatement and clearance inspections. 

Site Clearance Inspections

Once the asbestos abatement project has been completed, we offer a thorough examination of the work areas or a clearance inspection. During the inspection, we look for completeness of abatement and completeness of cleanup prior to final air testing for clearance (if performed), and subsequent to dismantling of critical barriers.

UNYSE staff conducts visual inspections utilizing the current ASTM Standard E1368 “Standard Practice for Visual Inspection of Asbestos Abatement Projects,” provides an entry into the asbestos abatement contractor supervisor’s daily log detailing the findings of the visual inspection and provides a certificate of visual inspection to our client in our final report.

Asbestos Management Plans

USEPA AHERA and NYS Education Department regulations require K-12 public and private schools maintain an asbestos management plan if any asbestos containing building materials (ACBM) remains in place.  The management plan must be updated whenever any asbestos related activity takes place and at least every three years.  UNYSE Management Planners assesses the hazard posed by the presence of asbestos or asbestos containing material and/or make recommendations regarding appropriate response actions and a schedule for such response actions.

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