Environmental Testing Services in New York State

Performed by the Certified Experts at UNYSE

Find out if your building is safe with UNYSE’s environmental testing. Serving customers both large and small with a client-oriented process, our certified team is able to complete your testing, meeting industry standards.

Our network of laboratories will help us complete our testing to stringent standards and ensure you the most precise results. These labs include:


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Asbestos Testing

Have your asbestos testing completed by experts when you suspect that the toxic substance may be present in your building. Our team utilizes polarized light microscopy (PLM) or transmission electron microscopy (TEM) to detect asbestos in building materials. We also use phase contrast microscopy (PCM) and TEM to determine fiber concentrations in air samples. We specialize in quick turnaround to assist with complete hazard control and remediation.

Lead Testing

Our team is specialized in lead inspection and clearance exams. Utilizing X-ray fluorescence (XRF) for our lead testing method. We also use Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS) to detect lead in soil or paint. Inductively coupled plasma (ICP) offers speed, precision and sensitivity, which we use for detecting lead in drinking water.

Mold Testing

UNYSE offers thorough mold testing including swabs, air sampling and settled particulate testing on several surfaces. This testing will allow us to identify the present mold's type and concentration. This testing is conducted under AIHA and EMLAP accreditation.

Hazardous Material Testing

We are also able to test soil, water, waste and air quality for metals, sem-volatiles and other suspected hazardous materials. For this form of testing, we look at samples of hydrocarbons, PCBs, phenols and the toxic characteristic leachate process (TCLP) associated with hazardous waste determinations.

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